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A Passage Through Time and the Mountains

Sugarloaf Mountain The Great Allegheny Passage is no mere footpath through the forest. The 10-foot-wide multipurpose trail is built on railroad corridors constructed to heavy-duty standards of gentle grades, sweeping curves and major bridges and tunnels that take you through the mountains, not over them.

The trail visitor travels through the mountains and along the rivers on a journey through time from some of the oldest rock strata to the youngest; along the pathways of Native Americans and invading Colonial armies; follows the evolution of transportation from the National Road to canals to railroads to superhighways; views the march of progress from a mercantile society to the early industrialization of coal mines and ironworks to the Forge of the Universe to the environmental recovery of the post-industrial era.

On this journey through time, the visitor can learn the entire story of the region, often on the exact spot where events occurred. The story can be told safely, quietly and at leisure where people can pause, stand back and gain a sense of place that cannot be experienced any other way.
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