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Interpreting the Trail

Table of Contents
  • A Passage Through Time and the Mountains
  • An Historical and Geographical Context: Significance of the Region
  • Introduction
  • A Brief History of the Trail
  • Beginnings of the Great Allegheny Passage
  • The Story of the Region
  • Milestones

Additional Information
  • Mason & Dixon Line, Disputed Land
  • Salisbury Viaduct: The spectacular crossing of the Casselman River Valley - PDF File
  • Western Maryland Railway: The Connellsville Extension from Cumberland - PDF File
  • West Newton: A River Crossing in an Industrial Valley - PDF File
  • Washington at Turkeyfoot: Seeking out the French - PDF File
  • Big Savage Tunnel - PDF FIle
  • The Red Waterfall - PDF FIle
  • Connellsville Coke - PDF FIle
  • Chestnut Ridge - PDF FIle
  • Whitsett, PA - PDF FIle
  • Banning No.1 - PDF FIle
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